Sunday, January 10, 2010

Time Flies...

Holy Cow, has it already been a month?!

In my defense - there were final exams, the holidays, and I also took an "internet holiday" for a couple weeks.

So...the quick & dirty.  Dylan is going through a "phase".  We've explored, expounded, hypothesized on the reasons why, but to some extent, a horse is a horse.  Basically he has just become a bit of a stubborn bugger.  Every question we ask, he comes back with "why?  do i have to?".  After a couple of weeks of us just repeating our "questions" and waiting for him to answer with "oh, ok, I can do that", we seem to be making progress.  It has been a less than exciting couple of weeks, however, in terms of riding.  Pyschological riding, I guess.

I do love our new barn, and the new folks and their super-cute horses.

We have a CDI/CPDEI scheduled in March, as well as Conrad Schumacher, so we'll just keep ticking along for now, with a half an eye towards those events.  Trying to keep the pressure low, even as I am super-excited for all the years events!!

I will post more soon :) Happy riding!