Sunday, March 18, 2012

A day to contemplate, then back to the whirlwind.

Hello friends -

I apologize that I have not been very diligent about keeping this blog updated. I'm afraid I fell down the rabbit's hole of work, riding, teaching, fundraising, planning, plotting, work, marketing, training, and realized yesterday I hadn't taken an actual "day off" in some time., I stayed home, and while there is certainly still some planning and plotting going on, it feels very good to rest my body a bit.

Life is good. Work is great - seeing about 15 patients a week, teaching 5-6 riding lessons. A really nice balance.

Riding is amazing.

I really believe that every horse that crosses your path teaches you a lesson, provides you a gift as it were, for a reason. Pavalina and Tammy gave me such gifts - confidence, joy and the "spark" that I was missing after WEG.

Rocco is unlike any horse I have ever met. He is kind, friendly, funny, hard-working, yet absolutely stunning. I will freely admit I get intimidated by having such a nice horse to work with. That I am not good enough, that I can't manage it, that he is too powerful. I ask for a medium trot, and my heart flutters just a bit. This week we had an amazing moment in a lesson, where I just had to let go of that fear, and let Rocco shine. It was a beautiful thing. I honestly think the trust between us blossomed in that moment, and I am so excited to see where the road ahead leads for us.

I cannot thank all of my sponsors and supporters enough, and would like to in particular thank Melissa Mulcahey, for giving me the chance in a lifetime with her amazing horse.