Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Road to Rio

Well, I just renamed this blog the Road to Rio.  I haven't written in this blog since last spring, as updates were being kept in so many other places, that this more personal place for reflection got neglected.

I figured it was time to start gathering all my thoughts, organizing them, and move forward.

The end of a journey is always difficult, no matter the outcome.  Rocco is and always will be a once in a lifetime horse, but because of the long travel back east, what started as a long shot chance, became a glimmer of hope...but I perhaps always choose to believe in the improbable.  Even for those who had their time to shine in London, I suspect there is a level of "what comes next"?

With the sudden and unbelievably unexpected passing of one of our teammates, many of us were shook to our core, and wondering how our team would move forward.

But as people of passion so often do, we find our strength again, find renewed commitment, and keep on swimming, keep on swimming.

I have been out of the saddle (more or less) since August.  I wrapped up my teaching gig, as I realized I was running myself ragged trying to juggle 10-12 lessons, along with my acupuncture business, which continues to quietly and organically grow.

It has been a necessary and (mostly) welcome break, mentally and physically.  I think sometimes the best way to gain perspective on a situation is to step back completely.

Through all the ups and downs, I realize that my heart is still 116% in this sport, and I realize that ability and desire are just not enough to succeed.  It truly takes an enormous amount of dedication, countless hours of training, planning to get out to the the important competitions, a network of sponsors and supporters, and a team of people making it happen.

Moving forward, I am looking at all the puzzle pieces I will need for a successful campaign.  Some of these are very intimidating pieces.  Funding.  An incredible international caliber horse.  But, I know I have the support of an amazing community, and with that, anything seems possible.

Thank you all, until next time...