Monday, August 3, 2009


The hot weather seems to have broken, and with plans for Norway scrapped, and no real show schedule planned for the rest of the summer, I find myself with a bit of the ho-hums.  Kind of an odd mix of relief and let-down.  

Relieved in a way that I will be able to stay home and finish summer classes at school, and spend time at home with loved ones, and maybe take this chance to get my health re-organized.  I have been sweeping a number of things under the carpet for the past year that really need to get addressed in terms of my ongoing well-being.  My condition has been progressive in the past, but I was going through a period of "plateau", and my fitness was great, so it even appeared to some that some aspects were perhaps improved due to my increased fitness.  Unfortunately, things are slipping a bit right now, day by day.  It's a scary place to be, kind of like you suddenly realize the gentle slope you were walking on is suddenly a bit more steep than you thought, and you are having a hard time keeping your footing.


I will ride in a demonstration this weekend at the Evergreen Classic - I love doing demonstrations, both because I love supporting the organization I typically do them for (Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center), as well as I love having the chance to educate about what it is that I do...but it also helps give me my "mojo" back without the pressure of a horse show.  I don't need a qualifying score, no one is judging the roundness of my circles or the throughness of my trot (Except perhaps my coach!), I really am just out there to enjoy the moment with the horse.

Hope you all can find those moments to enjoy today, as well!

Demo is Sunday August 9th, just before the Grand Prix - come watch!

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