Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring, and Change, is in the air

Hello Friends,

This week finds me scrambling to finish my last term paper, send off my licensing application, and scouting locations for my humble business.

It also finds Dylan in his new digs...just a ways down the road, with a fantastic junior. She is hoping to try for NAJYRC, and needed a horse to compete on...and well, she and Dylan are a great pair. I could not have asked for a better "next chapter" for my partner in crime. He practically trotted into the trailer, gave me one little look, then I swear if he could've he would have pulled the door closed himself to get on the road to his next great adventure!

So...I find myself "horseless". I have had the chance to think about how I want to proceed in my Para career. I of course want to continue training and competing for London. I also feel like I need to become more strongly involved in the role of athlete development.

There are so many talented riders and athletes, and the only way for the US to become a true world force, is to get those riders developed. Since funding is always going to be an issue, I strongly feel that our High Performance athletes should step up to the plate and help mentor these riders. It's not an easy task, particularly as we are all consumed with our own efforts.

So...I will continue on my horse-hunt, continue looking for sponsors and supporters, venture forward with my new acupuncture business, as well as look for ways to build and foster our para community here in the Pacific Northwest!

Dream big, my friends!

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