Monday, June 20, 2011

The adventures of two redheads

As most of you have heard, I have given an incredible opportunity to partner with a local FEI horse, in hopes we can campaign for London.

"Neo" is a talented 16 year old Rheinlander gelding, who has seen a lot in his years - from "starring" in a reality television show, to helping amateurs and young riders make their FEI debut, and more recently, holding his own with the "big boys" at the California CDIs. He has a heart of gold, and so much in para, attitude is everything.

Neo is owned by Rebecca Chatfield, who is the president of Equestrian's Institute. Matt Eagan of MW Dressage has spent the past two years with Neo - he was pretty rough around the edges when he arrived in WA, and Matt did an amazing job bringing Neo back into the splendor he so deserves.

I am enjoying every single moment of every single ride with this critter. He is exactly the type of horse that suits my mind, body, and soul. He truly puts his 110% into each ride, whether or not the work is easy. He is also a patient teacher - reminding me when I am not correct. He is petite, but always expressive. He is curious, and kind. I do not doubt the partnership for a second.

As show season is well underway for friends, peers, and teammates, I admit I am getting anxious to get out and show off. But, I must remember that patience is sometimes the better choice in these circumstances. Neo and I have a lot of real, hard, work to do before we can enter the show ring honestly and confidently. For my part, I need to not just put the polish on...but strip off a few layers of dirt and grime, and start over. Years of riding a green and strong horse have left my riding sloppy - I lost sight of the fact that my own equitation strongly influences a horse's way of going. As far as Neo goes - we are working on "just the basics" so that he can appreciate them from a different perspective. A "para" perspective as it were!

I am excited, truly honestly excited about the road ahead. It can only hold GREAT things!!!

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