Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Change is in the Air!

Hello Friends & Followers,

It has been a crazy few weeks!

I had been wanting to wait to post until I had all the news in order - but things seem to be changing by the day - so I will post what I know, and update as other things come together.

First things first - Dylan is going really (really) well.  I had a sense a few weeks ago that the struggles & some of the tension he was having during the work were sign we were about to hit another "phase" in his training...I just didn't know how long it was going to take for him to find his comfort zone.  He seems to have settled, and he's really got a good handle on how to carry himself in the trot.  No more jigging, no more leaping into canter at any opportunity.  I have to remind myself how difficult not only physically, but mentally the work of collection is for a horse, and on top of that, a horse that is learning it a bit later on in his life, when he is perhaps a bit more set in his ways.  I am so thankful that he ultimately enjoys the work.  

Next up - the road to WEG is HERE.  Seriously.   I have a CPEDI3* in 6 months.  Selection Trials for the Team in 9 months.   Tickets go on sale in two weeks.  No time left to talk about things in the hypothetical, things have to happen NOW!

My plan is to keep Dylan in solid, steady, training through the winter, and just keep bringing him up and along as he is willing & able.  He will be ready, I have no doubt.  A few things may look different in terms of his "team" over the next few months - Jenny & I may be adding a new trainer to his mix.  More on that as I know more. 

My greatest challenge in the next months is fundraising.  I am hoping to reach out to my community for help in raising the funds to keep us pointed down the road to WEG.  

How can you help?

Let's get creative.  The economy has been tough for everyone.  It all comes down to money, but $10 from 100 people works the same as $1000 from 1.  Would you be willing to help organize a fundraiser?  A bake sale or a pot-luck dinner where we could watch videos of Para Equestrian athletes?  Would you be willing to give informational fliers to friends or family?  Do you know anything about website design & maintenance?  

Even if you are not able to commit time or money, I still greatly, hugely value your support.  It truly takes a COMMUNITY!  

Thank you everyone, more news soon!


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