Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall is here -

It always seems like the beginning of Autumn feels more like the start of a new year.  Show season wraps up with Region Championships, kids go back to school, and generally everyone starts changing routines.

There has been a lot of change in this corner of the world, for certain!

My very close friend, who has also groomed for me at all my major competitions, has made a major life change, and is moving across the country to be closer to her boyfriend.  I am so excited for her, but in a very selfish way, am wondering who is going to help keep my nose clean (so to speak)!!  Not to mention who am I going to make starbucks or thai food runs with!!  

On top of that, my teammate who I have trained and competed with for the past 4 years also decided it was time for change.  She thought long and hard about the decision, and in the end, packed her things and also moved cross-country, for a chance at a fresh start.  

So...our longtime "team" - two riders, a groom, and a coach, is now down to a duo...and my coach is currently recuperating from a very significant surgery.   I admit I would like her back in action as soon as possible...but in my heart I know that she needs much more time to rest & recover than either of us probably want to think about!!

However, I forge ahead!!  I am more or less in charge of Dylan's training.  He is going well, but I am lacking a bit of confidence at this stage in the game.  When we are having a good ride, I feel like I should try and introduce something new, but am not that sure of "what comes next". When we are having a less-good ride, I start questioning myself, and wondering if I have taken him astray in some way.  I suppose these are things every rider goes through.

On the upside, FarmVet and I are on our way!  I received great feedback from the press release they put out, and my college (Sweet Briar) turned around and posted a story about me and my quest for WEG.   Dappled Grey has also continued their support.  I continue to try to keep the momentum going!! looks like my lesson this week is to embrace change, have patience, stay confident and keep on keepin' on!!  

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