Saturday, November 21, 2009

Big Week Ahead!

Hi everyone,

Very excited for this upcoming week.  Monday and Tuesday I will ride with the US Team coaches, Missy Ransehausen and Sharon Schneidmann.  Sharon has not seen Dylan since Nationals in May, and Missy only saw him briefly in June before he threw a shoe during our warm-up.  So...I'm hoping they like what they see, and the direction we're going in.  

My greatest concern is that he has been a little fresh - and when he gets fresh he gets a little unpredictable.  It's sort of like riding a roller coaster...slow to start, but you better hang on for what might come next!!  I worked with my trainer Jenny Nell on how to warm him up in such a way that I keep his attention, and get his energy focused in a better way - it isn't just a matter of getting him forward and through, I have to add in a shoulder-fore, or a transition, to make sure he's not looking for more "exciting" things to do!

He moved over to the Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center facility on Thursday, so hopefully he will be relaxed and ready to get down to business come Monday morning.

After the Thanksgiving Holiday, I will be moving Dylan up to Trilogy Farms in Monroe, home of Roxanne Christensen Dressage.  I'm very excited about this opportunity!  I am also incredibly grateful to have the support of not one, but two great trainers, as I forge into the year ahead! 

On to WEG!


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  1. Forgot to mention...ride times! Monday at 9am and 2:30pm, Tuesday at 8am. Come watch!!