Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rolling right along...

Hello Friends -

Just a quick update.  Nothing too exciting going on.  Getting ready for the USEF clinic in a few weeks.  I hope that Dylan brings his "A Game".  Lately we've been a bit hit & miss - fantastic rides interspersed with rides where Dylan alternates between his feet being glued to the ground, and his favorite trick, the "spook & bolt".  The most annoying thing is that he doesn't actually's more like a convenient leap followed by an all out run to get out of whatever task we're working on at the moment.    I can almost hear him singing "I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys R Us kid....".  

We're starting work on the medium trot.  He has gotten to the place where he can actually "push" instead of "pull" his way through them, and we are now trying to teach him that if he keeps his poll up, he can really reach through his shoulder.  He enjoys it, to say the least.  Canterwork is coming along.  Sort of the same phenomenon - he is now initiating the strike off from the hind legs, and "pushing"...but there were a few weeks where he would strike off, then his legs would get all tangled.  Did some work on the lunge to help him sort it out, and we're in a good space now as far as that goes.  We're able to approach the subject of walk to canter now, without too much drama.

I am feeling more confident that we'll get the pieces together in the next few months.

Going to start working on timelines, budgets, and plans soon (exciting!).  Hoping the financial aspect will all come together.  

Until next time....heels down, eyes up, and keep riding! 

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