Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fastest Update Ever!

1. New Sponsor...ANTARES.  I will be sporting a beautiful Antares helmet in competition.  Please take a moment and check 'em out.  Helmets are all the rage, and Antares makes absolutely stunning helmets.  Better than a top hat.

2. Toronto.  Looks like it's a go.  Funding is not quite shored up, but my USEF paperwork is underway, and I have a horse tenatively lined are moving in the right direction!  I'm excited - I am so ready to get out and SHOW!

3. Conrad.  I have been invited to ride with the man.  Conrad Schumacher.  EEP!  He does not invite a lot of amateur, let alone para riders to clinic with him.  I'm a bit concerned as Dylan is just now in a good steady place, and I hate to rock the boat with 3 days of again, I will need to find funding.  It's an amazing opportunity, and would be great exposure for Para we'll see.  I may look into borrowing a horse for the clinic (how does Dylan keep getting out of things?!)

4. Thats all for now!  

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