Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The day before...

Well, the trailer is packed, Dylan is bathed, I have a million lists with just about everything crossed off....that must mean we are just about ready to hit the road.

Dylan did manage to need last minute shoe-repair (he stepped on himself tripping over the lip of the stall door, and popped the end of the nails pulled, but the shoe is bent...argh). The life of a fancy dressage horse, you have to laugh a little bit, right?

This morning John Meriwether, Schleese rep and saddle-fitter came and checked out my saddle for a last minute "tune-up". I was extremely grateful, we have been battling a bit with me ending up crooked, and the saddle slipping, and it at times felt like a chicken & the egg type thing...did the saddle slip, and then I ended up sitting crooked, or did the saddle slip because I was sitting crooked? We came up with a great solution, and I felt totally straight and secure in the saddle. It's amazing how small changes really free the horse up, and get the rider in the right spot.

We had a VERY fun night at Olson's last week, I was SO excited to see so many friends, and meet so many new people interested in para. I just keep feeling so humbled about the entire experience.

I imagine once I am in KY, with my teammates, at the opening ceremonies, I will get a little more swept up in the excitement, but for now I feel a little like I have a very important job to do, to ride strong and represent our nation well, and before that, take very good care of my amazing horse Dylan as we travel across the country!!

We head out at about 3am tonight towards Montana.

On that note...I should probably finish packing my suitcase, and get some sleep!!!

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