Sunday, September 26, 2010

Opening Ceremonies

Hi Everyone!

Things are ticking along here in KY. Dylan is well. I think the stress of travel and being in a new place finally caught up with him, and he was a bit worn out on Friday, so he got a well-earned day off on Saturday, and Laura Scherr, our team equine physio worked with him today. He is in good spirits, and after his adjustment, went for his typical gallop in the pasture (yikes!!). I am working with FarmVet on some additional "helpers" to make him as comfortable as possible - a "Back on Track" blanket, and possibly a digestive aid since he is eating more grain than he would at home, which can contribute to problems with acid.

Opening ceremonies were last night. We dressed up in our Kentucky Cowgirl outfits...jeans, blazers and hats! It was a long day, lots of waiting, assembling, but so amazing when it all happening. I rode in on a golf cart, some of the para team walked with the rest of the US contingent. Since we had empty seats, the reining team hopped on board and made a great show of things. Entering the arena was unlike anything else I've ever done! The stands was filled, the crowd was cheering, tv was unreal. We looped the arena, then made our way up into the stands to watch the rest.

Tomorrow things start to get down to business! The vet will take a look-see at the horses, we'll ride, and our days will just get busier from here on out.

I just keep repeating it...but I am so honored and humbled to be here. I look forward to competing on behalf of my country and showing Dylan at his best!!!

Drop a line anytime!!

Ride strong!

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  1. Saw you on the FEItv coverage and I cried I was so proud! Erin, it's been amazing to get to see you and Dylan as you've become partners and I'm so so so proud that you're representing our country!